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Sustainability - More than just a slogan!

The entire tourism & hotel industry has a major impact on climate change. Not only transport, but also the requirements for hotels and the tourism infrastructure are an increasing burden on the environment.

So it is our responsibility! At Hood House, sustainability is more than just an advertising slogan - it's an integral part of our business philosophy. From energy-efficient lighting and daylight use to water conservation and waste management to eco-friendly products and optional room cleaning: We are actively committed to environmental protection and offer our guests numerous opportunities to do the same.

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At Hood House we rely on both energy-efficient LED lighting and the optimal use of daylight. Around 80% of our lighting is LED, and motion detectors in public areas ensure reduced energy consumption. In addition, intelligently planned windows in our rooms promote the use of natural light. This way you can leave the light switch untouched for as long as possible.

Using LED lighting is not only cost effective but also environmentally friendly as they use up to 70% less electricity than traditional halogen bulbs. And thanks to our motion detectors, the light is only on when it is needed! This is an important step towards a more sustainable and responsible use of our resources.

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Resource conservation and sustainable products

At Hood House we place great emphasis on the responsible use of resources and the use of sustainable products. Water flow limiters and energy-saving electrical appliances are installed in our apartments to minimize water & electricity consumption. In addition, we use only environmentally friendly care and cleaning products.

When selecting our furnishings and equipment, we rely on regional products and encourage the upcycling of materials and clothing. In this way, we not only create a unique ambience, but also contribute to reducing our ecological footprint.

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Waste Management & Room Cleaning

At Hood House, we focus on consistent waste management, with an emphasis on waste separation and recycling. This allows us to use resources efficiently and minimize environmental impact. Our room cleaning takes place in a 7-day rhythm to make your stay more quiet and to reduce the use of cleaning products and water consumption. Outside the cleaning days, you can leave your garbage in front of the room door until 12 noon and our housekeeping will take care of the professional disposal.

In addition, we offer our guests the option to cancel or reduce room cleaning and linen changes. This optional service not only saves water and energy, but also gives our guests the opportunity to actively participate in protecting the environment.

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Green Sign Certification

Since 2014, the Greensign program has been THE award for sustainable action, social responsibility and constant optimization. We are now also part of it and are really proud!

The five-stage certification system not only checks the actual state of sustainability, but also shows the way to continuous improvement and further development of one's own sustainability performance and is based on internationally recognized standards.

Since June 2022, the GreenSign hotel certification has also been globally accredited by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

We thank you for your support on our path to a more sustainable future!

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